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Everything you need to know about our Company

Your brand is our business. Pearl Marketing & Design, LLC specializes in managing effective brand strategies and marketing campaigns for our business clients. As marketing advisors, we ensure that our clients are clearly expressing the unique value of their brand to target consumers. As campaign managers, we continuously measure and improve on communication strategies to broaden brand awareness and effectively penetrate target markets. Simply stated, Pearl Marketing & Design will turn your intrigued consumers into loyal customers.

The Inspiration Behind Pearl

In nature, the odds of finding a natural pearl is 1 in 12,000.
About Us
You can imagine my delight when one day I shucked open an oyster shell and found my hidden pearl. As a marketing professional, the beautiful symbolism of this pearl became immediately apparent to me: with the sea of noise generated in today's Information Age, businesses must adopt innovative techniques to have their brand message heard. Inspired to help businesses communicate their unique story and brand value, Pearl Marketing & Design, LLC was born.

Pearl Marketing & Design serves as an essential partner to our clients by generating new, and sometimes unforeseen, revenue opportunities. We help businesses express their unique personality and brand value with creative design and innovative messaging techniques that influence and attract consumers, maximizing our clients return on investment while giving them a competitive edge in the marketplace.

-Amanda Schneck, Founder and Creative Marketing Director

Our Company Values

Our values guide the way we work with our customers, our business partners, our community, and with each other. We commit to:

Act with Integrity
Demonstrate a commitment to integrity and ethics, show respect for and value diversity, and listen to others for understanding.
Act with Intelligence
Always be learning, be relentlessly curious, and give careful consideration to the quality of your work.
Think Outside of the Box
Be open to spontaneous ideas, take creative risks, and never fear bucking the trend.
Serve Our Community
Make a positive impact, pay it forward, and act selflessly.
Have Fun
The real art to work is enjoying it.

Meet The Team

Amanda Schneck

Amanda Schneck

Creative Marketing Director
Amanda Schneck is the owner of Pearl Marketing & Design, LLC. She currently holds an M.S. in Marketing, an MBA in International Business/Marketing, a degree in Graphic Design as well as 14 years of professional experience in marketing...
Kyle Schneck

Kyle Schneck

Campaign Director
Kyle Schneck is the Campaign Director at Pearl Marketing & Design, LLC. He currently has 16 years of professional experience in banking, community development and campaign management...
Matt Gosselin

Matt Gosselin

Director of Video Production
Matthew Gosselin is the Director of Video Production at Pearl Marketing & Design, LLC. He currently has 16 years of professional experience in marketing and video production...
Allison Yennaco

Allison Yennaco

Marketing Strategist
Allison is a student intern for Pearl Marketing & Design with a focus on…
Culver Lau

Culver Lau

Web Design
Culver is the Web Designer at Pearl Marketing & Design, and a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara…
Alex Avery

Alex Avery

Marketing Strategist
Alex is a Marketing Strategist at Pearl Marketing & Design. He received his M.A. degree in Communications at SNHU and a B.M. degree in Music Business from UMass Lowell...
Victoria Law

Victoria Law

Marketing Content Writer
Victoria is currently a junior at Arizona State University and is studying communication...

Community Involvement

One of Pearl Marketing & Design’s core values is service to the community. Although we are a for-profit company, we are passionate about making a positive impact with our clients and just as importantly within our community. Some of the volunteer work our staff has provided includes:

Amidst the societal tensions and hateful rhetoric that occurred throughout the 2016 Presidential election, our staff wanted to do something that showed that not all people and cities/towns are divided. In fact, we know the people of Nashua to be a community that celebrates diversity and respects one another's beliefs. So we came up with a video project to present a unified message that Nashua is a welcoming city, where we respect one another’s unique perspectives and talents and work together to provide opportunity, enjoyment, safety, and support. We partnered with the United Way to host the inaugural #WelcomingWeek kickoff and produced this fun music video.

After spending six weeks in Catholic Medical Center Hospital’s Special Care Nursery after the premature birth of her son, one of our staff members was inspired to give back. She joined the Special Care Nursery Counsel and created the Keeping Infants Safely Sleeping (KISS) program, which is a course designed to educate parents on how to care for premature children. If you would like learn more about the KISS program or make a donation please click here

Three of our staff members who live in Nashua felt inspired to get involved with a local election focused on improving our community. After conducting extensive research of the Mayoral candidates, we voted unanimously to support the individual we felt could best lead our City. We volunteered our Marketing Campaign services to design marketing materials, a social media strategy, and this cool video. It’s just another way we honor our civic duty!

Owner Amanda Schneck currently sits on the board of directors for the United Way of Greater Nashua and iUGO. Pearl Marketing & Design also volunteers for the YMCA of Greater Nashua, Cradles to Crayons, the Nashua Soup Kitchen and other wonderful organizations. We are always looking to volunteer so please let us know if we could help your organization.

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